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Our Beginnings

Established in 2011 and initially working primarily on multi-million pound business transformation projects in the legal sector, Eastgate IT built a solid reputation with large legal firms in the North West by providing strong technical expertise and working closely with established IT and project teams to provide unique, fault resilient, best-practice solutions by drawing on twenty plus years experience in enterprise IT.

Our Specialisation

Eastgate IT Ltd. now specialises in seamless Azure migration solutions tailored to meet your business needs. With a wealth of experience in Azure migration projects across many different sectors, our team brings expertise in utilising cutting-edge Azure technologies to streamline your transition to the cloud. Leveraging tools such as Bicep, ARM templates, and Azure DevOps, we ensure efficient deployment and management of your infrastructure, while optimising performance and cost-effectiveness. Whether you're migrating applications, databases, or entire IT environments, our proven track record in Azure migration ensures a smooth and successful transition, empowering your organisation to embrace the full potential of the cloud. Trust us to navigate your journey to Azure with precision and expertise.

Our Approach

Successful delivery of any solution relies on clear communication with project teams, company strategists and established service design teams, detailed logical and physical design documentation as well as thorough engagement with, and approval from, key stakeholders right through the project lifecycle. Something Eastgate IT delivers with each and every engagement.